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Welcome To The BROOKLYN Based Recording Studio OF The Notorious @Fats_Money Records INC.

Studio Time is currently available for SERIOUS inqeries ONLY! If your'e interested in booking a

(STUDIO SESSION) for (RECORDING) (MIXING & MASTERING) or any of our other featured SERVICES







#Production #BeatsByFats @Fats_Money

,,Now this is what I do for a living & for fun in my spare time / business hours:)FM!


The MPC is the first production platform that (@Fats_Money) learned to sequence tracks on at the age of 13.

Sound structuring came second nature to him being raised up in the music ./ entertainment business.

His signature sounds went on to fascinate millions.

Fats mesmerizing, cacophonous oddity transforming into an operatic sonic boom,

just begging to ooze out of the speakers.


Later on came platforms like Reason, Logic Pro, etc.

With a mind embedded with miraculous, melodic catchy riffs and hooks musically, he has

both proven and revealed his musical genius.

   alt    alt   alt

Tweeking Samples + Vocal tones became as easy as 1,2,3, so a synopsis series of miraculous

hit singles was inevitable. 

From Hard Core Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, R&B, _U_NAME_IT! HE"S_GOT_IT_!


Mixing and Mastering & Recording via Pro-Tools

becomes a daily task in the life of a studio producer / engineer.

Cutting samples, hooks. Chopping + Screwing vocal tones, etc.


When times got rough his studio production profession became a means of survival. At age 24 he

charged friends and associates $25.00 per hr for studio time, once they had thieir materials

already put together in order to generate revenue. 


Since then. he has in turn become an icon / mogul to many. 

Giving advice to many & creating production deals allowing up-coming artist a chance to

inc a production deal at the early stages in their career.


Fats played intricate step by step roles in the making of his

#OnAMission LP as well as his #MoneyMansions LP

with literal hands on participation in every aspect of the creation of his debut Hip-Hop LP's.


Below are a few fresh instrumentals that are samples of some of my most prior work.

Feel free to leave suggestions, advice or comments.. 

If you are interested in leasing a track or hiring "Fats Money Prod."

contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  // 347.425.6429

Without Dreaming (Hip-Hop) Instrumental by FatsMoney

Good Free Music (Hip-Hop) Instrumental by FatsMoney

Brick Squad Monopoly (Hip-Hop) - Instrumental by FatsMoney

FatsMoney, the unique name that birthed the hits. Whether it was the mega hit “Swagger Fly”, the infectious single “Bk We Go hard”, or the female club favorite “Walk Like A Diva”, this is the incredible extraterrestrial sound that lets you know your listening to something great. Like a Grammy-award winning producer who creates the sounds that make you fall in love with th songs. One of the reasons the name {FatsMoney} was given to him was because his trademark sound was money on the table.. Well prepared for the journey..


FatsMoney was born Fatiha-Olton- in Brooklyn New York. Deriving from a musical family it was quite ironic that he hadn’t been internationally exposed as yet. But the fact that he played practically every instrument by the age of 16 & saw the he could practically bring his dreams to reality, and went on to produce a good portion of his first two multi-platinum albums. Since that time he’s made the transition to super-producer manufacturing hits for some of the hottest artists in the music industry.

To not only go to the biggest artists in the game and let them hear his music and pick what they like but to give one artist one beat and say, “Now go put out a hit.” He’s also hard at work with his record label, Fast-Money-Records. He’s now not only crafting hits for your favorite stars of today but he’s also now crafting mega hits for his own artist turning them into the stars of tomorrow. You better keep your ears to your speakers because you will be hearing the name Bangladesh for many years to come. FatsMoney, Bangs the Best!!


Here you'll find a sample of some Hip-Hop beat production. I will gladly put up a  few  instrumental samples for wider varieties & selections.


I create my tracks on several different platforms. My original platform is the MPC 3000 which I started on, to now the MPC 4000. I also started out working wi/ sound modules & midi instruments & last but not least literally plays a ton of instruments..


Any way , stay tuned & I'll keep you posted. ENjoy...


For further inquiries please contact -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We also specialize in cd/dvd duplication. please contact 347-425-6429 for these services.



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