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Fats Money


(Artist name) Fats Money (Real Name) Fatiha Olton

(Web) (Email) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Contact) 347-425-6429

(Albums) On A Mission, Money Mansions

Sample here:

(MixTapes) B.I.G Dreams, No Ceilings II, Self Made

Sample Here:

(Skills & yrs)

(15yrs.)Song Writing, (15yrs.)Beat Production, (10yrs.)Commercial Advertisement, (2yrs.)Photo/Videography

(Instruments & yrs)

(15yrs.)Keybords, (25yrs.)Trap-Set Drums, (15yrs.)Bass Guitar, (15yrs.)Electric/Accoustic Guitar,

(20yrs.) SteelDrums/ Percussion Inst.,

(Production Skills & yrs.)

{Pro-Tools HD, Logic, Nuendo} Digital / Analog Knowledge.

(15yrs.) Recording, Mixing, Mastering Experience.

(Midi, Patch bays, Mixing Consoles, Bus Outs, Compressors, etc.)

(Beat Prod: MPC 4000, Mac G5, Reason 4/5/6, Live Instruments!)

Sample Here:










Fats (Fatiha Olton) Money started making music from since the age of 9 w/ a steel band as the bands primary drummer-boy. By the age of 15/16 he went on to the bigger league production w/ a few indie label-mates. He began in the beat / music production department which exceedingly advanced to be recognized. His musical genius was then revealed by his enormously talented music production skills. It was then where he then found & nurtured a further love for artistry & witty flows / punch lines hooks, etc. (song writing). He has worked with several artist across the globe networking his beats.To not only go to the biggest artists in the game and let them hear his music and pick what they like but to give one artist one beat and say, “Now go put out a hit.” He’s also hard at work with his record label, Fast-Money-Records.  His first Lp release was entitled Fats Money "On A Mission" w/ smashing hit singles like "#Swagger Fly", "Swagger On High", "Bk We Go Hard", "That Thing", "Never with Wankstas" ....etc. released: 1/1/2010 which miraculously did fantastic for an indie artist w/ out a mainstream budget. Doing every local venue possible and constantly promoting & networking he managed to prove he could sell out an  audience of minimum 10,000 people.... 

Fats Money went on to release his second album release yr after yr consecutively which is entitled Fats "Money Mansions" w/ club banging hits like "On My Hustle","Walk Like A Diva", "Still On My Grind", "Over Time", etc.... released: 9/11/2011 which is tearing up internet blog spots, strip joints, and college circles like crazy. for more info on The Notorious Fats Money Log on to:




As far as the beats go, it's just a second nature thing for me. I've performed with bands of litterally every genre & I also read & write music. I acknowledge all forms of music which has helped my creativity and signature sound as well. My firm belief is that once you've got that sound that people often seek then you're already considered to be A GOOD MUSICIAN!

For uprising Producers... just stick to your trade and in time w/ perseverance you will eventually grow in to what time has permitted. Never give up the struggle...(FM)






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